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The USDA American New concept Design Art Award is a new competition sponsored by the American Design Art Association (the American Design Art Association is a public welfare organization based in the United States and facing the world). It is committed to promoting and commending mature design artists, excavating, incubating and training excellent design artists, solving design art problems for the society, and advocating and implementing the viewpoint that design art changes life.

OrganizerAmerican Society of Design ArtsOrganizing Committee of the American New concept Design Art Award

Academic SupportTulane UniversityKeanUniversityWingate UniversityUniversity of Pikeville

Professional group: designers, teachers and young people who love design under the age of 45, that is, born after January 1, 1978.

Student Group: Undergraduate students, junior college students and research students from all regions can apply to participate.

The qualification of each sub-division shall be implemented after it is submitted to the Organizing committee for filing.


This competition advocates concept creation, multiple thinking, without limiting the theme, only open free competition theme units.


E. Artistic creation

painting, paper cutting, sculpture, arts and crafts, ceramic art, concept creation

F. Other works of art

Final Honors and Awards

The best instructor, several, certificate of honor, trophy of honor;

Excellent instructor, several, honorary certificate;

The best organizational unit, several, honorary certificates, honorary trophies;

Excellent organizational units, several, honorary certificates;

Excellent volunteers, several, honorary certificates, honorary trophies, etc.

The setting of sub-division awards shall be implemented after each sub-division submits to the Organizing committee for filing and approval.

Final Honors and Awards

USDA Concept Design Award, 15 winners, award 5000USD, certificate, trophy;

First prize, some, hardcover paper award certificates, etc.

Second prize, some, hardcover paper award certificates, etc.

Third prize, several, hardcover paper award certificates, etc.


When applying for the Global Finals, winners who do not win higher awards in the finals will maintain the division awards and will not be relegated.

Description of Finals qualification and methods

Participants who have won the third prize or above in the sub-division can apply to participate in the finals, which will be submitted to the final committee for evaluation by the sub-division organizing committee. Individual applications will not be accepted by the overall final committee, and the final will be reviewed offline by the American Design Art Association in Princeton, USA.

The entry fee for the final competition is USD 10 per piece. Please check the award notice at that time.

All the winning entries will receive hardcover paper certificates with the seal of the American Society of Design Art and the seal of the competition Organizing Committee.

Instructions on the way to participate in the sub-division

The competition is divided into two stages: the Regional competition and the Global Finals (hereinafter referred to as the Finals). The winning entries from the sub-divisions will receive the e-certificate with the seal of the organizing committee of the sub-divisions for free.

Please refer to the arrangement of each division.

Competition system

a  Entry rules and regulations

1. Both individuals and groups are accepted; Encourage participants to form teams across provinces and schools;

2. The number of authors of the entries shall not exceed 4;

3. No more than 2 advisors for entries;

4. Entries will not be returned no matter whether they win the prize or not. Authors are requested to keep their own manuscripts.

b  Work submission requirements:

1. All entries should submit at least one display board (to facilitate the judges to clearly and comprehensively interpret the works during the evaluation process, please focus on the key information of the works in the display board). The display board can be either customized or provided by the organizing committee (download link of the exhibition board template and other attachments: (The attached package includes the panel template and CAI Se registration form). The panel file format must be "JPEG/JPG" or "PDF", the resolution is 300dpi, and the color mode can be set to "RGB" or "CMYK".

2. All entries need to fill in the entry form (if you choose to participate online, you can fill in the online entry form on the online entry page);

3. If the entries are video works, the duration of dynamic demonstration video should be controlled within 5 minutes, the size of video file should not exceed 100M, and the unified submission format should be MP4. The video shall be submitted in the form of supplementary materials together with the exhibition board of entries and the registration form. If the works have been published on relevant platforms, please attach a viewing link in the registration form (remark column).

c  Pay special attention to:

Please read all the rules carefully, read the call for papers notice carefully and fill in the personal information as required. Participants must submit the papers with their real names, not pseudonyms. The registration information must be filled in truthfully and cannot be modified once submitted. The Organizing Committee will strictly review the materials of the entries. If the entries do not meet the rules or are missing, the entries will be treated as invalid and will not enter the selection process.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to make any modification if the registration information is found incorrect after the submission. If the registration information is inconsistent with the actual situation, the organizing committee has the right to revoke the qualification and award of the work, and recover the corresponding prizes and bonuses.

The judges have the absolute right to select the works. The entries must be created by the participants themselves. The Organizing Committee will cancel the qualification of the participants due to copyright disputes caused by the similarity of the works or the suspicion of plagiarism. All legal responsibilities shall be borne by the participants themselves.

d  Selection criteria of the Competition

1. Novelty of the work

2. Originality of the work

3. The artistry of the work

e  Copyright of entries and publication of portfolio

The entries must be created by the participants themselves or their teams. In case of plagiarism of others' ideas or concepts, or copyright, intellectual property and other disputes, the authors shall bear the consequences, and the Organizing committee will cancel their qualification.

The Organizing Committee has the right to exhibit, publish, publicize, collect and display all the entries on TV, Internet, print or broadcast media. The Organizing Committee will inform the participants in writing or by phone before using the entries for the above purposes. Any income generated will be allocated to the participants.

f  Dispute description

The competition Organizing Committee will be responsible for the explanation of the unmentioned matters. The Organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation.

Competition starts:
November 8, 2023

Starting time for entries: November 08, 2023 to January 21, 2024?

Entry information review and work review in sub-competition areas: starting from January 25, 2024

Global Finals results will be announced on March 1, 2024?

Starting from March 6, 2024, arrangements will be made for the finals, bonuses, prizes, etc. (the organizing committee will make overall arrangements according to the actual situation)?

Feedback email: asoda-ada@outlook.com

                         (This email does not accept submissions)

Official website: www.asoda.clud

Please consult the Organizing committee for the download of the competition materials package

Please email US entry package

E-mail: asoda-ada@outlook.com

American Society of Design Arts


Web site:www.asoda.clud

Address:437 Morris Avenue, New Jersey.

Joint Postal Code: 07083

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